Please register for CABDA EAST using the form below. As a reminder, CABDA is a trade-only event and not open to the public, all registrations are subject to verification and approval. 

- Shop Owners, Managers, or other employees with buying authority... Please use the Retail Buyer badge type.

- Employees without buying authority...Please use the Retail Staff badge type.

- Employees and Representatives of Manufacturers, Distributors, Organizations, or DTC Brands that are not exhibiting at CABDA EAST...Please use the Non-Exhibiting Company badge type. Fees Apply. 

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Independent Sales Reps, please have your represented brand(s) add you to their "booth personnel" list. 

Badges will not be sent to you ahead of the event...We print them on-site when you arrive. Please have a photo ID with you when you pickup your badges.  

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