Manny Saggio Hugo
Wire Haired Pointing Griffon
The Loose Wheel Bicycle Company
He may not be the best shop dog.. but he's certainly the most handsome shop dog :-). Does that count?
Ken Tashoff Zoe
Danny's Cycles
Zoe LOVES coming to shop because she just loves meeting new people and getting all the attention.
She has a funny little smile she shows when she curls up at someone's feet. EVERYONE loves her!
Nathan Latimer Lily
Chug. Chihuahua/Pug
814 Outdoor Sports Inc.
She is happy to see everyone that walks through the door, and usually steals the customers attention!
Rob Gibala Summit D Shopdog
Pit mix
Village Velo Bikes
Everybody loves Summit and some customers come in just to see him. Whenever he hears the front door chime, he jumps up from his bed and runs up to greet the customer.
Erika Gardner Lindy
Street Dog
Terrapin Bicycles
Lindy loves mountain bikes because she enjoys sampling the various types of smells and dirt caked onto those bikes.
We have heard from countless customers that they will return to steal Lindy. When she is not busy greeting customers, she can found on her bed by the door looking at the squirrels or passerby dog-walkers, but mostly you can find her sleeping.
At night she switches into guard mode and she does a great job at her security detail. Overall Lindy is loved by all and she does an excellent job making people happy.
Ann Greenbaum Copper
Cockapoo shitzu whoknowswho?
Baynesville Bicycle Shop
Lover of all bicycles (especially Rovers -pun intended) and bike owners!
Kate Rockett Clover Zulu Rockett
Outback Bikes
Clover will make everyones day brighter, Walking Clover gives a much needed mental health break for all. Clover also is stellar at helping someone choose the right bike.
Rob Herron Woolly Bully, The Astounding Dancing Dawg
Trek Bicycle Store of Savannah
My best pal & attitude booster.
Misty Mahoy Jack
Squishy Face Bully
Pure Cycles Eustis, Florida
Jack came from the streets, under weight with no hair. This dog loves EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in life!
He always welcomes the customers when they come in. Plus taken a couple naps with kiddos on the floor while their parents shop :)
He's not much of a trail dog....but he's always down for snacks after the ride!