Ginger Twigg Shadow
Aussie, German Shepherd, Husky Mix
Revolutions Cyclery
From Shadow's first day of work where she stole her daddy's nice road shoes to her recent inspection of a warranty saddle Shadow has been on top of being the best shop dog she could be at Revolutions. She provides relaxing mindful meditation poses, some unladylike, on the sales floor. At the end of each day she always has something to say about process improvement and performs her task of checking to see if the front door is lock with quite a bit of enthusiasm. What we love about her is she always has a smile on her face and is always wagging that fluffy pom-pom tail. We consider ourselves so lucky to be part of her pack.
John Robinson Raffa
Shit Malt Bitch (Shitzu, Maltese, Bichon Mix)
Johnny Velo Bikes, LLC
He rides in a basket to work on nice days. Greets all the customers when they come in looking to get pet with one exception...he hides under the POS station if someone comes in with another dog for a treat or if they bring in a toddler.
Jacob English Wade Garrett
Mountain Road Cycles
Wade sells more kids bikes and horns than the owner can. He is the only one who gets super excited at the words "time to go to work" . His favorite movie is Roadhouse.
Pete Smakula Cat is Tubby
Electric Pete's E-bikes
Tubby the shop cat is awesome. She greets everyone when she isnt napping. Even small children dont scare her away. People come to the store just to say hi to her. She even got her very own easter basket from the bank lady across the street.
Anthony Bunt Wilson
Beaski (beagle and husky mix)
Ashland Bike Company
Wilson is the sweetest dog that loves to meet new people and give them the sniff. He’s super chill unless you’re a squirrel. Loves running and hitting the trails whenever he can!
Joyce Ferguson Jessie
J&D Bicycles
Jessie came to us as a medical foster from the rescue organization that we support when she was injured running too FAST at a field trial! When we realized that she absolutely did not mind any of the noises and routine at our shop, we said, “She’s a keeper!”
Jessie is our in-house bike carton shredder as well, which is invaluable!!
We are now a certified therapy team and visit/attend all sorts of care facilities, on-site maintenance classes, libraries, kids events etc.
This girl is always up for anything that our riders or we throw at her! Probably over half of our customers make excuses to stop in when they are riding by on the bike path just to pet Jess! Love her!!
Justin Kellermeier Korbinian
French Bulldog
K & G Bike Center
Korbinian well hang out with you all day. Just sitting next to you while you work. If you need a break. He will play fetch or tug. He is content to just sit on your lap if you are stressed out.
Michael Shapiola Hunter
Spin Zone Cycling
Hunter is a service dog for myself. He has attended every CABDA event since it was @ St. Charles IL @ Pheasant Run. He has been to many a bike training class, has three certificates for bike repair himself.
Candy Tilley Elsa (That's right... Elsa as in Disney Frozen
German Shepard
E-Bikes & More
Elsa loves to be everywhere that her mom is. She is mom's princess & the best cookie impersinator! Loves playing in the snow