Kim Mayes Zoey
Shih Tzu
HEH Human Electric Hybrids, LLC
She’s just so stinkin cute!
Christopher Maltby Lola
Terry's Cycle
Lola takes her job duties always very seriously. No customer walks through the door without being greeted with a bark and some tail wagging. When you meet Lola, you'll have a friend for life. Also, once she is in front of a camera, she is all business. She will wear anything and she will sit for how long it will take. Whatever it takes to get the treats!
Jimy Fisher Chloe
Chocolate Lab
Mackinac Wheels
Chloe has worked at Mackinac Wheels since she was 8 weeks old. She loves coming to work and in the off season when we’re not open you can tell she really misses seeing all the new faces of customers that come and go throughout the season.
Jimy Fisher Abby
Australian Cattle Dog Australian Shepherd mix
Mackinac Wheels
She is super smart and a quick learner. She loves everyone she works with and looks forward to seeing the employees every day.
steven gerald Lacey
Great Dane brindle
build a bicycle bicycle therapy
Everybody loves lacey, people just stop in to visit her. She believes everyone's at the shop to see her. She is the kindest most loving huge Great Dane you'd ever see. As huge as she is barking like a guard dog through the glass door as people come to enter, nobody thinks twice they already know Lacey is there for hugs and kisses the biggest lover of all. Picture one the first night we got her as a rescue she was terrified of everyone could look no one in the eye, the owner did not know what to do with her because of her social anxieties and abuse she may have gone through. As a veteran I jumped up and said she's the best choice for me we would get along great and work through our struggles together.
That is why build a bicycle bicycle therapy has its name. (Changed 1st photo) instead a glamor photo Lacey coming in for a big hug to a fellow veteran Brent who's always found the biggest smiles visiting Lacey. The second photos are veterans custom building a bicycle for a special needs child, we have better pictures but the message Lacey is in the middle working as a therapy dog continually.
Nicole Worden Mack
Chain Reaction Cyclery
Mack had some pretty big shoes to fill after our initial shop dog Izzy passed away this past February, however he's fallen right into step. From greeting customers in search of a never ending amount of scratches, games of fetch with his frog, to taking up as much real-estate as possible under our repair stands making sure all repairs are completed to the highest standard possible, even if it's through his eyelids.
Benita Warns Merv
Pit Bull
Midway Bicycle Supply
Merv isn't our shop dog. Merv is the shop dog and guardian at Lowertown Bike Shop. He loves visits from Mr. Michael and presents the belly for Mr. Michael to pet him. Merv does an excellent job of ensuring that Crystal stays safe. He is very good about staying inside his trailer when Crystal rides her bike to the shop.
David Sperstad Coco
Touright Bicycle Shop
She is welcoming and gentle with all children. Is a little afraid of adults but then so are we
Kenny Bremer Callie aka Moose
German shepard
Lucky Brake Bicycles
Callie is the best because she is. She loves kids, chicken treats , and frisbees. She will greet all customers with a solid tail wag. You can never be down with Callie around.