Brian Jacobson Dyson
Husky/Pomeranian mix
Fit2Ride Velo Studio
Dyson is very chill and loves all people. He loves hanging at the shop and getting cuddles and belly rubs whenever possible. He sits by the and lures customers in with his beautiful blue eyes.
Mike Geigel Murray
Mixed Mutt
Never Ending Cycles
low key, not a barker, not big not small, and shares a name with a bike, from BEFORE he came into our life
Jon Schratz Francis
All Spoked Up
Francis is our beloved shop cat. He's about the size of a dog (16+ lbs). He love children and greets them when they come in and falls to their feet. He's also VERY smug and knows he's better than everyone. Half our foot traffic is people just coming in to say hi to Francis or take a selfie with him. He even has his own t-shirt. He lives at he shop full time, even over night. Many times riders will start their ride when we are closed will go to the window to have Francis bless their ride haha. #shopcatfrancis
Haley Hack Wally
Edgebrook Cycle
He’s sweet, well-behaved, and loves me more than my own dog.
Sharon Kaminecki Coco
Labrador Retriever
Earth Rider Cycling
Coco wants to meet everyone who comes in the bike shop and is welcoming. She keeps track of all customer and makes sure no one is ignored.
Brian Kremen Tater
Basset hound/lab mix
Cog Cycles and Yarns
He’s got tons of character, and really makes his presence known by engaging customers and friends in ways that usually delight them. He’s also the #1 cutest and most handsome living thing on the planet. Also, is there a way to send you more photos? We’ve got more good ones
Alex Adams Appa
Australian Shepherd
Madison-Davis Bicycles
Appa makes everyone smile that walks into the store. He really makes the store feel like a family friendly place
Jeff Schmitz Lulu
Brittany/Poodle mix
Two Wheels Trading Co
Lulu thinks everyone is her best friend and loves to be around people
Andrea Finlay Bear
Great Pyrenees/ Lab mix
Harley's Bicycles
He wants everyone to pet and love on him. He does not care how loud it is in the shop. He tries to sleep throughout the day, but people prevent naps. His favorite thing is to give people his paw to get attention,