Patrick Brooks Juno
Brooks bike shop
Juno Is Friendly, fun, and impossible not to love
Mal Sebeck Koopa
Chihuahua/Terrior Mix
Mojo Cycling
He's got his own sticker...that mostly sums it up. Koopa is 1 of 3 shop dogs at Mojo Cycling. Koopa rides to work on Mal's back, sporting style with his Rex Specks goggles. He is ready to great everyone & will happily sit on your lap the moment you take a seat. Koopa will calmly show you around the shop, unless you come with food. Then he will dance for you and maybe sit. He knows when it's lunch time & eagerly awaits some fast food, especially the french fries. When mail is dropped off, you'll have to keep an eye as he may just jump into the UPS truck to get his treat, & he'll be sure to let you know as you leave if you forgot to give him one. Customers have been known to call in advance to make sure it's Koopa's day at work before stopping by. If he smells a bit, don't worry...he just needs a fresh diaper.
Shawna Macan Twix
Super mutt
Mojo Cycling
Mojo Cycling has 3 shop dogs. Twix is the newest addition and of course the cutest with the best ears. He greets everyone with excitement that makes you feel important. He follows you around making sure you find what you need & if you need a reminder that he’s there he’ll lean on your leg for a little extra love.
Timothy Johnson Kaya
Great Western Ebikes
She is the best because she loves everyone she comes into contact with, is always ready to play, good with kids, and can chill out and nap when there's nothing going on.
Evan Billman Buddy
Queensland/Pug/possibly Raccoon.
Amain Cycling
Buddy is a survivor. He is from Paradise CA and after the Camp fire of 2018 destroyed the town, he was living in a car with his owner and another dog. A year after the fire the owner surrendered both dogs to a shelter but thought Buddy was too old and should be euthanized. Thankfully the shelter didn’t comply and he was put up for adoption. My girlfriend was volunteering at the shelter and wanted to bring him home for thanksgiving in 2019. We never could give him back and he quickly became the ship dog after he bonded with me and wanted to come to work every day. He gets very excited and loves the shop. He usually wakes up for any customers and loves to greet them with a toy to throw. They always say “hey buddy” and we smile and tell them that’s his name. He’s definitely a celebrity.
Alanna Hayes Hudson
Golden Retriever
Gerk’s Ski and Cycle
He is the best greeter to everyone! He helps run our social media, makes sure all the guys at the shop know he needs back scratchies. Will ask for a bite of anyone’s snack.
Neil Wechsler Mookie
Montlake Bicycle Shop
I love them all equally